Digital apprentice - Image

Monet Bailey

Digital apprentice
The Pulse Group
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TV/radio presenter - Image

Seema Jaswal

TV/radio presenter
Various (inc BBC, Premier League)
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Apprentice Jockey - Image

Gavin Ashton

Apprentice Jockey
Sir Mark Prescott (trained by The British Racing School)
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Swimming Instructor - Image

Sam Hunt

Swimming Instructor
Swimming Nature
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Wellness Coach - Image

Lindsey Passaic

Wellness Coach
Vitality Health
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American Football Coach - Image

Phoebe Schecter

American Football Coach
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Healthy Lifestyle Officer - Image

Chase Hill

Healthy Lifestyle Officer
Palace For Life Foundation
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Talent Development Coach - Image

Chris Turner

Talent Development Coach
Table Tennis England
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PE Teacher - Image

Tony Macfadyen

PE Teacher
The University of Reading
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Head of Physiotherapy - Image

Tracy Lewis

Head of Physiotherapy
The Football Association
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Personal Trainer and Director - Image

Jamie Griffiths

Personal Trainer and Director
Wild Training
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Head of Commercial Partnerships - Image

Tom Baker

Head of Commercial Partnerships
UK Sport
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