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Netflix-style platform bringing exercise to school children

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If you’re interested in teaching, fitness or both, and you are passionate about the wellbeing of the next generation, then you might be interested in Sports Leaders UK launching a new partnership with Les Mills to offer children’s virtual exercise classes in schools.

Global fitness company Les Mills has teamed up with nationally-accredited activator Sports Leaders UK to launch a new partnership, which will support schools and a new generation of children, parents and carers to be physically active through the love of movement.

With over 7 million children aged 5-15 in England facing health risks due to lack of exercise, the initiative is designed to support families in fostering life-long healthy habits. The programme will be supported by leadership training for teachers and pupils to create advocacy in schools for the benefits of physical activity.

Inspiring kids to be active
Pioneering schools are piloting the new Netflix-style platform, offering fun-filled classes to inspire kids of all ages and abilities to be active.

The BORN TO MOVE Virtual screen-based classes incorporate a range of movement patterns – including Strength, Stretching, Martial Arts, Core, Dance, Yoga and mindfulness – designed to support physical literacy, confidence and self-esteem.


The progressive classes are – for kids by kids – with trained pupils leading their peers. Tailored for age groups ranging from 4 up to 16 years old, the sessions feature music hand-picked by their peers.

The programme will also promote physical activity beyond the school gates by providing free taster classes for families to be active together at home via Les Mills On Demand.

“They need to enjoy an active lifestyle”
“Every child deserves a healthy start to life and BORN TO MOVE has been created to provide children with the physical literacy skills and confidence they need to enjoy an active lifestyle,” says BORN TO MOVE Project Lead Justine Williams.

“BORN TO MOVE empowers children to learn these vital skills from their peers through fun and age-appropriate sessions, while the virtual components help to bridge the gap between schools, homes and communities to make physical activity the natural choice for young people and their families in all areas of life.”

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Les Mills on this programme. Increasing young people’s enthusiasm to participate in physical activity, alongside peer to peer learning, is at the heart of our mission. It is great to see this programme backed up by a model of having skilled, trained and qualified activators influencing change and this can only be positive to helping the children involved enjoy themselves, learn and achieve daily physical activity level targets,” says Lucy Supperstone Awards and Qualifications Director for Sports Leaders UK.