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6 steps to becoming a Les Mills exercise instructor

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Ditch the desk job and instead enjoy an active and fulfilling role as a Les Mills exercise instructor and help others reach meet their fitness goals.

For many, the thought of entering the corporate world is an absolute no go. Why would you want to sit at a desk all day, when you could be up and about being active? If this sounds like you, you might be interested in being a Les Mills exercise instructor. On a daily basis, the job allows you to interact with individuals from multiple backgrounds, all on their own fitness journey, bringing inspiration and activity to their day – and all whilst keeping up with your own fitness goals too.

If it sounds like something that might be for you, here are 6 steps to training with Les Mills, provider of classes like BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT, LES MILLS GRIT etc, to become one of their instructors:

1. Pick the programme for you

Les Mills offers a wide variety of different training Programmes – everything from strength-based workouts, to dance, HIIT, cycling and more. It is likely that you will have a preference on the type of class you feel most passionate and comfortable teaching, so choose your programme based on your own style and personality. You can always add additional qualifications to your bow further down the line.

2. Book onto Initial Module Training

Once you are set on the class you want to teach, it’s time to book yourself onto a training course. Les Mills runs regular two-day initial module training workshops at a variety of locations around the country. Once you’ve found a date and location that suits you, you can get excited about the prospect of a weekend full of learning, fun and fitness. Book onto Initial Module Training.

Do your homework

In the lead up to your training weekend, you’ll receive comprehensive training materials, including music and choreography. You’ll also receive a video of the workout release you’re going to learn on the day. As part of this, you’ll be given two tracks from the full release to learn and you need to practise them until you’re able to present with just the music playing – not looking at your notes. You’ll present this on the day. Les Mills also recommends you attend plenty of Les Mills classes before attending your training, so you’re well prepared.

3. Attend training

Show up on the day all kitted up, and with plenty of food and water, for a great weekend ahead. World-class trainers will take you through the training, giving you the confidence to teach your tracks, providing feedback, improving your technique and taking you through the programming and what it takes to be a great instructor. By the end of the weekend, you’ll learn how to safely and effectively teach the Les Mills programme of your choice, as well as becoming part of the tribe along the way.

4. Start teaching

After you’ve successfully completed your two days of training, you must submit a video of yourself teaching a full class. You’ll have sixty days to prepare and submit your video. Les Mills recommends you spend as much time as possible shadow-teaching with existing instructors to prepare for your video submission.
To pass, you’ll need to show competency in:

• Choreography
• Technique
• Coaching

5. Teach your own classes

Once you have submitted your video – and passed – you will then be able to find yourself a regular class or teach covers. This is your chance to bring fitness to members and get them excited to keep active and fit.
Les Mills also has a number of CPD and advanced training courses you can go on to continue to upskill yourself. When you sign up to do Initial Training, you’ll also get the Advanced Training module included in the price. At this course, you’ll focus less on technique and coaching, and more on how to truly inspire members by bringing your classes to life.

And the opportunities don’t end in the studio. Les Mills has created a journey path, with opportunities to develop your career as a Les Mills Presenter and Master Trainer or Assessor. The possibilities are endless! Learn more about upskilling here: www.lesmills.com/uk/instructors/learn-develop/

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