Mark Chapman

Job title Sports Journalist

Employer BBC

Sports Journalist

Mark Chapman is one of the most recognisable faces and voices in football reporting, working on the Final Score, Match of the Day 2, Radio 5 , BBC Sport and ESPN. 

We spoke with the presenter about how he became  sports journalist and what his day-to-day life is in the role.

“Broadcast presenters and sports journalists work in the television and radio industry. Their role is to inform and entertain the audience.

There isn’t a typical day as a sports journalist to be honest. I can be presenting on Radio 5 Live one day or out interviewing guests another day. Some days I’ll just be writing match reports in the office. You might also do some research or go to a game. It’s a cliché but no two days are exactly the same as a sports journalist.

“No two days are exactly the same as a sports journalist.”


There are many advantages to a career in sports broadcasting: the variety of each day is fantastic; watching sport at home and telling your other half you have to watch it for work. Then she can’t complain, and meeting your sporting heroes is great.”

“Study what you enjoy and what you are good at. It demonstrates that you have a wide range of knowledge in fields other than sport and media. This can help you when you become a sports broadcaster. Gain plenty of work experience.

“It took me 2 years of writing letters before I got my first work experience.”


“Do anything and work anywhere in the media industry. Be patient. It took me 2 years of writing letters before I got my first work experience. You also need a lot of luck. Be nice. You would be astonished how being polite and not being rude to people can get you a long way!?”

Mark empthasised the importance of gaining experience in workplaces. We have collated jobs available in sport on our Jobs page, check it out to see if there are any voluntary or paid job opportunities near you.

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