Richard Scrivener

Job title Personal Trainer

Employer TRAINFITNESS – Animal Flow

Have you ever wandered who creates fitness products, plans and even workouts? That’s the job of Richard Scrivener, a Product Development Manager. 

Richard currently works for TRAINfitness as a personal trainer and product development manager. Richard spoke to us about his role at the fitness centre and also about how his work has led him to travelling around the world to sell and produce new and exciting products/plans.

“I coach my clients to enjoy and understand their bodies”

What is the your current role as Product Development Manager?

I help create new education materials within health, fitness and nutrition. I lecture/teach students entering the health and fitness industry as well as those who are already established. I attempt to stay on top of new research and modern approaches to health, fitness and nutrition and adopt an evidence-based approach to all of my work.

I am the Lead Global Master Instructor for the bodyweight programme Animal Flow – I teach the L1, L2 and Advanced Flow Design Workshops.

I coach my clients to enjoy and understand their bodies and the types of training which are best suited to their needs. I attempt to foster a motivational environment so that they want to take responsibility and engage with their health and fitness.

“Work in the UK and with international partners”

What are the main responsibilityies as Product Development Manager?

Creating materials that educate, adhere to industry standards and fit within the remit provided by TRAINFITNESS to ensure commercial viability.

To work in the UK and with international partners, presenting to groups of 20-50.

To serve my clients.

If you would like to work abroad but also within sport then don’t compromise your aspirations to do one or the other, do both! There are plenty of jobs around the world that allow you to work within the sport, check out our article about these jobs here.

“Nobody has a job if an education company does not make money.”

What are the biggest challenges in your role, or facing your industry generally?

Balancing optimal with best – nobody has a job if an education company does not make money. Helping students understand the ‘real world’ demands of being an effective trainer/coach

Working in countries where English is spoken infrequently and therefore forming close professional relationships with translators to facilitate the student experience. Movement is a language in and of itself so finding the best way to communicate often requires verbal and visual representation

“Workshops in China or India”

What is a typical week for you?

Three days of PD work for TF – one day of grading AF assessment videos – three mornings and three evenings of training clients – if teaching internationally, it could be two weeks away delivering back to back workshops in China or India, for example.

“Voluntary work at a gym”

What did you do in order to become a Product Development Manager?

Voluntary work at a gym
Gym Instructor
BSc Sport Science
S+C Internship
MSc Sport Science
Health and Fitness Tutor
Product Development Manager, Tutor and Presenter

“Be a role model”

What experience does your kind of career require?

Be willing to work and learn at every opportunity! Be a role model and be supportive.

“You neeed a blend”

What skills and knowledge do you need in your role as Product Development Manager?

You need a blend of academic, applied, coaching and interpersonal capabilities – oftentimes concomitantly!

“Melting pot of opportunity”

What opportunities are there in your industry for younf people in the fitness industry?

The health and fitness industry is melting pot of opportunity – you can work with the sick, you can help prevent people becoming sick, you can become Insta-famous, you can work in elite sport, you can work face to face with people or far from afar with online coaching.

“The passion for it”

What makes people stand out when you are recruiting?

A willingness to learn and the need to listen/support to their students and clients. Knowledge can easily be learned but the passion for it less so.

“You made a good choice”

If you had one bit of advice you would tell your younger self, what would it be?

You made a good choice always saying yes to opportunities that came up and pursuing those that weren’t outwardly available but were what you wanted.

“Don’t forsake your principles”

What was the best advice you were given?

Don’t forsake your principles and philosophies yet be willing to change them.

What are three great things about working in your industry?

  1. Meeting people
  2. Helping others
  3. Travel

What are three challenging things about working in your industry?

  1. Highly competitive
  2. Everybody has an opinion
  3. People often will not invest in the basics

Working in the health and fitness industry is both challenging and exciting. If you work for a company that allows for job progression and to enjoy your work then it is one of the best places to be, companies like TRAINFITNESS are great for this – find them in our  directory.