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Swansea University School of Sport

After graduating, Thom completed an MSc in Sports Science whilst helping to set-up an online triathlon coaching company.

“Over the 3 years of my BSc I had accumulated some great skills to offer the team, including physiological testing and technical analysis. The company now has over 100 athletes working with 10 coaches on a 1 to 1 basis and we work with some of the largest race organisers in the country to develop and deliver bespoke training packages.”

Thom works with a variety of sports teams including Premiership and international football (male and female), regional rugby union, triathlon, swimming and rowing. He is currently responsible for the English Triathlon Tokyo 2020 Talent Squad; a small group of youth athletes who are tipped for success at the 2020 Olympic Games.

“Looking after these athletes is a real privilege and a challenge that I am enjoying considerably so far. I’ve really had to draw on lots of my Sports Science skills to do the job effectively! Academically, I’m really excited about a large project I’m running examining sudden cardiac deaths in young people in Wales. I’m working with a team from across the NHS in Wales and we hope to have some interesting results before the end of the year that can be used constructively to make changes to policy.”

Thom Phillips
Sports Medicine Doctor