sports science with outdoor activities

Joseph Peppard, 18, from Middlezoy in Somerset is in his first year studying Sport Science with Outdoor Activities

Why Bangor and Sport Science with Outdoor Activities?

College lecturers recommended both the course and university.

The course …

The course comprises a mix of practical and theory based sessions focusing on topics such as human physiology and psycho-motor behaviour, along with modules that allow us to apply our knowledge to the world of sport science both in our own fitness routines and in workplace scenarios.

Lecturers are both passionate and heavily involved with their specialised subjects allowing them to relay an immense amount of knowledge and previous experiences to the students, making the learning environment exceptional.

On winning a scholarship …

The Scholarship has allowed me to feel comfortable with my finances, rather than worrying about money I am able to more thoroughly enjoy my time at university.

How did you feel on winning it?

Amazing, I didn’t think I would ever be able to receive an award of this nature and it is both an honour and privilege to be one of the recipients.

Clubs and societies …

I am member of the WUOTC, which has allowed me to earn whilst I study and also meet new people and get to experience things that otherwise would be inaccessible to me.

What social activities do you enjoy?

I am enjoy going out on the hills, climbing and kayaking with my friends. Then enjoying a drink and game of cards in the evening. With the six nations shown in Bar Uno and Belle Vue at the moment, I am often there watching the games.

Bangor highlights …

Bangor is one of the most inclusive places in the UK if you are keen on any outdoor activities. A fifteen minute drive can find you in the hills or at a climbing wall, the scenery is unlike anything else and the atmosphere is incredible.

What are your plans for the future?

I aim to progress onto a career in the Royal Marines. With help from Bangor University my career aspirations are definitely within reach.

Interested in studying a Sport Science with Outdoor Activities degree at Bangor University? Visit their directory on our website with full details.

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