Sky Sports Mind Games

Sky Sports Mind Games feature Bangor University research

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Research in School of Sport Health and Exercise Sciences at Bangor University has partnered closely with England and Wales Elite Cricket squad.  This project is designed to aid the performance of the England Cricket team by increasing mental toughness through the use of pressured training.

Watch this in action on Sky Sports Mind Games episode 4 – The Next Frontier with  the School element beginning at 9 minutes in.

Dr Matthew Barlow is a former PhD student and Postdoc researcher in the School. The use of his work by the England and Wales Cricket Board is a feather in the cap, not only for Matthew but for the School of Sport Health and Exercise Sciences at Bangor University.

Sky Sports were keen to include his research in their feature on Mind Games and cricket and sport’s mental side and this provides an example of how high-level research of this nature is carried out within the School and is utilized by elite sporting organizations.