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Coach in the US… Camp America needs you!

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Are you passionate about sport and want to take your performance and coaching experience to a whole new level? Are you looking for a way to keep in touch with sport whilst having an amazing summer break Spending your summer teaching and coaching children in the USA is the great way to enhance your sporting experience as well as having the time of your life!

The summer camps offer their campers and staff a whole range of different activities to take part in and sport plays a huge part in their camp experience! Anyone who has experience playing and coaching sports are going to be in huge demand with the summer camps.

If you’re someone who enjoys new experiences, coaching and working with children then this could be your perfect summer break. You could be working all over the USA for up to 9 weeks coaching and instructing your favourite sport in the most unique environment possible. There really is no other experience like this and that’s just the start – once you finish at camp you have up to 30 days to travel and explore the amazing country that America is!

Camp America are just about to get their next season up and running and participants will be flying across the Atlantic from May 1 onwards next year. If you want to take part in this experience then you can apply now! Something for the future to consider….

“If you’re someone who enjoys new experiences, coaching and working with children then this could be your perfect summer break.”

The professional sporting field is highly competitive and, in the current economic climate, career opportunities are constrained. Employers therefore look for skills that go beyond qualifications and experience.

Spending your summer living, working and teaching sport at summer camp in the USA will help you develop and build ‘employability skills’, which are key to all modern workplaces. Working at summer camp is one of the most unique, rewarding and memorable experiences you’ll ever have – and you’ll be working with people from different cultural backgrounds, from all over the world. The summer camp environment will teach you how to get along with your colleagues, to make critical decisions, solve problems, develop respect and ultimately become more hireable.

If you have any questions about the application process or for any further information/advice on your skills you can contact Daniel Pugh on or call on 020 7581 7347.

Daniel knows first hand how being a sports minded applicant and ending up at Camp America can be the experience of a lifetime! Click here for more information on his summer camp and sport experience