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Train With Premier providing learning opportunities throughout Covid-19

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The last few months have been so far removed from normal that sometimes its been hard to fathom what’s really happening. Yet somehow, we have all had to find a way to power through and continue living. For business, that has meant finding a way to continue providing their existing services or adapting to find new ones.

Thankfully, due to excellent IT processes and platforms already being in place, Train With Premier have been able to adapt and react quickly to continue meeting the needs of their learners and the TVS Education apprentices they support.

Accredited qualifications

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and to comply with social distancing measures, Train With Premier have been working closely with Transcend Awards to make sure all accredited qualifications currently available are set up for remote, online learning and delivery.

The remote version of the Transcend Level 2 Award for Holiday Club Activity Coaches in Multi-Sports as well as the Transcend Level 2 Award in Leading Inclusive Physical Activities are now available – don’t miss this chance to register and continue your learning! They are the perfect qualifications for any young person starting their career in coaching. A combined course is also available!


Our PE Confidence Bundle Series is another remote learning opportunity which is picking up popularity in the active leisure, sports and wellbeing sector.
Containing a series of six modules that can easily be embedded into a wider learning programme, this course is ideal for any student primary teachers, coaches delivering PE, sports or physical activity sessions in primary schools or any teaching staff timetabled to deliver primary PE activities who wish to continue CPD learning during lock-down. Contact TWP now to purchase!


Once more in partnership with Transcend Awards, we are delivering two brand-new qualifications which have been specifically designed to support the nation during Covid-19 lockdown and homeschooling.

Our belief is that we should all #comebackstronger from this unprecedented situation, and by delivering the Level 1 Certificate in Immune System Boosting along with the Level 2 Certificate in Immune System Optimisation, we feel we are doing our bit to help the country achieve just that!

The Level 1 Certificate in Immune System Boosting is uniquely designed to support primary school children aged 7-11.

The Level 2 Certificate in Immune System Optimisation is a slightly more advanced course specifically for high school children and adults.

Both qualifications are delivered remotely over either 4 or 8 weeks with the focus of learning being on all-round wellness and boosting immunity.


Initiated to allow the continuance of learning for those we are supporting through lockdown, our most successful example of remote learning has been the creation of TWP TV.

Many of our learners are also working towards apprenticeships, and even though they may be furloughed, they must continue their studies so as not to falter on their journey to end-point-assessment.

TWP TV was initially devised as a series of online Microsoft Teams webinars, which received great attendance and feedback. We have since loaded all recordings of these webinars to the TWP TV Youtube channel for other learners, who are not currently registered with us, to benefit from. All recordings can be accessed here

We are very proud to be in a position to assist so many learners during these incredibly challenging times. If you would like to find out more about our e-learning or remote delivery qualifications, please contact us today.

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