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Top 5 tips to turn your passion for fitness into a career

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Working out doesn’t just have to be a hobby. If you really have a passion for fitness you can turn it into a source of additional income by turning it into a side-hustle or full time career in fitness. Below, Fiona Farnsworth, part-time yoga instructor, shares top tips on how you can convert your fitness passion into a successful career in fitness.

1. Define your vision
It’s key to figure out what particular service you’re offering and your target customer – perhaps you want to teach yoga to seniors? This is what will help make you different from the rest of the crowd. You can target multiple markets eventually, but for now you want to focus on one you’re most interested in. Also, it’s key to have a strategy in place, alongside clear goals and direction. These elements will ensure that you’re on track to the path to a successful business.

2. Establish an online presence
A strong online presence will enable you to showcase your business to a global audience. An easy way of going about this is by creating a website. In particular, Wix Fitness can be used to build your online brand, sell your merchandise, manage your calendar, track your clients’ performances and manage your team. Many fitness professionals utilise their website to upload educational videos, fitness routines, yoga sequences as an addition to their offering. The platform allows you to sync videos to your YouTube feed and live stream workouts on platforms such as Facebook so your clients can watch them for free or as part of a subscription. They’ll have no excuse for missing a session!

3. Define your personal message
It’s important to define and develop your personal message from the start. What is your story? Ask yourself why you want to launch a business and what led you to this point. What’s your true motivation? It will allow you to connect with potential clients in a deep, personal way. Your story should be communicated in every form possible – both offline and online. This includes when attending events, introducing yourself to potential clients, developing your website and assets such as e-newsletters, blogs and setting up your social media platforms.

4. Network and put yourself out there
Networking acts in your favour regardless of what stage of running a business you are at. Meeting your peers, going to retreats/events and networking within the fitness industry will play a big role in positioning yourself as an expert in your field. Partner with companies, other teachers and make connections.

Not only will it broaden your knowledge about your profession, it will also help in understanding the points of difference between you and your peers, which in turn is quite essential given the huge abundance of competition in the fitness industry.

5. Juggle your roles
While running a business might become too overwhelming at times and you could feel utterly consumed in your main role, keep in mind that as an entrepreneur you will need to juggle multiple roles throughout the day. Bringing in new clients, running your social media channels and ensuring your clients keep coming back are a handful of roles you’ll have to manage. While switching back and forth isn’t necessarily easy, don’t give up. For instance, if you’re on top of your accounts and invoices, when the time for tax returns comes around – you will thank yourself!

And finally, don’t neglect yourself. Teachers and fitness professionals continuously learn and train to further their knowledge. For example, it’s very important to regularly practice what you preach in order to deliver authentically to other people.

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