Personal Training jobs with Everyone Active

Choose Your Route to Being a Personal Trainer with Everyone Active

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Already Qualified?

If you are already qualified with the necessary Personal Training qualifications then you are ready to go. We have both self-employed and employed opportunities available.

Simply follow the link and submit your CV and covering letter, stating your role preference and preferred Centres or area.

Not yet Qualified?

This is no problem as we have a couple of possible routes to get you qualified.

Funding Your Own Training

If you plan to pay for your own training and want to get started straight away then Discovery Learning, our sister company, has a number of options for you to qualify as a Personal Trainer. They also offer a guaranteed discount on course costs to all candidates through this website and we will also offer a guaranteed interview with Everyone Active towards the end of your training. Simply insert code CISDL5 in the ?Voucher? box at checkout before making payment.

Click the link below to find out more.


We offer 12 month apprenticeships courses for budding fitness enthusiasts, which include gym instruction, recreation assistant training, reception training and lifeguarding and swim instruction.

Click the link below to find out more and see if you meet the criteria.