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New Sport Mentor Group launched

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Ex-­Professional  sportsmen  and  women  form  “Sport  Mentor  Group”   to  help  current  and  ex  athletes  during  this  period  of  uncertainty.

Gail  Emms  (Olympic  silver  medallist  badminton) and Lee  Hendrie (Aston Villa and England football) have set-up a mentor service to current athletes as well as support to former sports  professionals affected by current situation.

In light of recent developments with COVID-­19, Gail Emms (Olympic silver medallist badminton) and Lee Hendrie (Aston Villa and England football) are proud to announce the newest sports professional collaboration -­ Sport Mentor Group – for those affected and  need support.

There has  always been a need for a place where sportsmen and women can talk with other like-­minded athletes. With more athletes talking about the need to talk about mental health, this is the perfect time to support each other in this unique situation. Being an elite athlete is more than just about being good at a sport, it’s about self awareness and belonging.  And being in elite sport is an honour and a privilege. It is intense, and the  pressure is on. The rewards can be great… It can bring joy and pain… and sometimes the only people who only truly understand the rollercoaster journey, are the ones that have been through it.

The Sport Mentor Group has been created in light of the recent events of uncertainty.  The world class training programmes have been disrupted, events cancelled, and many people are frustrated, scared, and confused. A small group of ex-­pro sportsmen and women from the world of football, rugby, cricket and Olympic sport want to give back and use their experiences to help guide those through the unknown.

The Sport Mentor Group is here for no judgement and no bullsh**t  chat. No reporting back to clubs, coaches, managers or family. 100% confidentiality. 1:1  mentoring, learning and advice.

For more information contact Gail Emms;


Twitter  @SportMentorGro1

Instagram  @sportmentorgroup