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Discovery: get the tools for a fitness career

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If the thought of sitting behind a computer all day bores your rigid, then you should perhaps consider a career in fitness….

There are many interpretations of ‘an active life’. Is it making sure you exercise regularly? Is it that you spend your years travelling the globe? One thing is for certain, it does not mean you work at an office tapping away at your desk then come home and slump on the sofa every evening.

Think of your lifestyle and then place yourself on a scale; ask yourself – am I active at work? Am I active in my spare time? Am I active in both my work and my free time? Those who answer yes to both are more often than not the most content of us all and there are reasons why so many people look to pursue this lifestyle.

Most of us dream of being a professional sportsman or woman when we’re growing up, but the harsh reality is that only a select few of us can make it. This is why Discovery has teamed up with the Rugby Players Association (RPA) and the League Football Education (LFE) association to help give those who are looking for a career in sport, a career!

Now, a career in fitness is not always a second-choice option, it is an extremely popular job route which offers a solid wage and plenty of job satisfaction – the Holy Grail for those who want to lead an active lifestyle and there are a number of different routes to follow along the fitness path. Those who train with us will be given the tools they need to break into the fitness industry, and will be able to choose from a variety of training options that will allow them to work with children, athletes, special populations and even teach specialised classes such as Yoga, Pilates or fitness through MMA.

“Discovery has teamed up with the Rugby Players Association (RPA) and the League Football Education (LFE) association to help give those who are looking for a career in sport, a career!”

As a company, we believe in our students, we understand that the fitness industry has become a competitive but thriving one with plenty of opportunities for young professionals who share the same passion that we do. This is why we support our students, during and after their learning so that they can pursue a profitable career and benefit first hand from the overwhelming job satisfaction that comes from working as a successful fitness professional. We are constantly hearing stories from our students about how fitness has changed their lives, and we are giving them the tools to help change other people’s lives for the better! If you have good people skills, you enjoy working out and you really want to make a difference then a career in fitness is perfect for you; it may not be your childhood dream being the next David Beckham but you will be pursuing a career in sport that is exciting, challenging and the best part is you will be making a difference.

If the idea of an active working life sounds good to you, and you can see yourself become a personal trainer/fitness professional then browse through a list of our courses on If you was or are currently a football or rugby pro then you may be entitled to funding with us, and we will help you develop a career in sport outside of playing. We also work with ELCAS to offer funding for ex military students so get in touch with us by emailing for further details, or 02095431017 to talk to one of our advisors.