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Benefits of being dance teachers

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There is a huge demand for high quality dance teachers in the dance industry. If this sounds like you, the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership can help. Read on…

Have you noticed that dance fitness is vastly growing in popularity across the UK? This is because it’s perfect for people who want to get fit, feel great and meet new friends. Also, TV shows such as Strictly Come DancingBritain’s Got Talent and Got to Dance have inspired the nation and given them an appetite for getting involved.

So, are you looking for a new career, a change of lifestyle, a chance to teach and inspire others? Are you an admirer of dance fitness and want to make a living out of doing something that you love? Then it is worth checking out the Exercise Movement and Dance (EMD) Academy as they can help you make all these things a reality.

Who are EMD?
The EMD Academy is ran by the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership (EMDP) and provides high-quality teacher training and continued professional development for people who are passionate about becoming dance teachers and/or dance fitness instructors and want to inspire others. Find out more about them by visiting their website or follow them on twitter. Check out their Pinterest boards with new updates, inspiration and teaching advice and tips.

Here are our top reasons for becoming a dance teacher.

Dance teachers can be their own boss
Whether you choose to work for yourself in a community environment, health and fitness club, or even open your own studio – you decide who, when, and how … it’s your business. Do it your way!

Dance teachers lead an enjoyable lifestyle
Successful people know what they want, prioritise it and take action to achieve it. By acquiring dance fitness teaching skills your life will work well for you. Lead a rewarding and enjoyable lifestyle with an ideal balance between work, rest and play.

Dance teachers look great and feeling fantastic
Teaching has great job satisfaction. You could really make a positive difference to people’s lives. Pass on your passion for dance fitness to others and be someone’s inspiration. Be one of those ‘lucky people’ earning a living doing what they love and stay in great shape at the same time.

Dce teachers earn good money
Dance teachers earn a good income either on an hourly basis through an employer, or increasingly, delivering independent classes, charging a class fee. The earning potential is great.

EMDP Courses
EMDP courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge to deliver classes in whichever setting you may choose.

Currently, The EMD Academy offers a number of disciplines to specialise and teach in. They have new courses coming soon so sign up to their Guide to Teaching to be first in the know!

  • Just Jhoom! Brings together Bollywood dancing and Bhangra to create a unique dance focused discipline. With a sophisticated edge. It’s fun, healthy and mindful – nourishing both body and mind.
  • Street dance discipline is impulsive, interactive and highly energetic; it keeps you fit, strong and is a place to share the latest moves.  covers a diverse number of hip-hop and funk styles that come from the USA dance scene in 1970’s; such as Styles breakdance, popping, locking, hip hop and house dance.
  • Medau discipline works with a variety of music and rhythms, Medau Movement encourages the body to move with energy, strength, stamina, suppleness and co-ordination. Focussing on correct posture and body alignment, Medau Movement has a natural, flowing quality, whilst at the same time being dynamic, lifting the spirits and increasing confidence.
  • KFA movement is based on Rudolph Laban’s principles. Known as the father of modern European dance, he devised a clear and concise movement language that gives teachers the tools to provide a holistic workout with functional fitness through creative choreography and performance.
  • Bagot Stack is a discipline taught by The Fitness League. It is designed to improve posture and well-being through central control (core stability) and rhythmic exercise to music, releasing the body’s potential for good health.

The EMD Academy also offer FREE taster sessions to experience these disciplines! Please click here to register your interest.

As the national governing body for EMD, funded by Sport England, they are fortunate enough to offer courses at a subsidised fee through their Academy training bursary, which is automatically allocated to all of their students.

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