Prathiv Kholia

Job title Football Development Manager

Employer BUCS

What does a football development manager do?

This role is the key strategic lead on the delivery of the BUCS Football Development FA National Game Strategy, managing the relationship with the FA and other key national partners on behalf of BUCS. Successful delivery of these plans requires providing a broad level of service across all (English) institutions whilst also managing a more intensive level of engagement with priority universities to deliver specific outcomes, developing productive relationships with senior university staff in the process.

Talk us through some of your roles and responsibilities?

As a football development manager no day is the same: one day I could be in the BUCS office, next day I could be at Wembley, next day I could be visiting a university or might even swing by St Georges Park for a meeting. Day to day, this role is about building relationships and partnerships and delivering outcomes through them to enhance the student experience through sport (football) and to raise the profile of university football.

Sounds like a dream job!

In my job I obviously get to work in sport, which is brilliant, but I get to work in a sport (football) which is also my hobby and my passion. I also get to work with people on a daily basis and develop young people to be the future workforce. Working in the Higher Education sector is also very rewarding. I now get to give something back to a sector which has so much potential, but which is also just generally really cool.

What are the most challenging parts of your job?

Switching off from football, because sometimes you just want 20 minutes not thinking about football! It's also frustrating how the professional game overshadows grassroots football; some fantastic role models and projects that go within grassroots football which get overshadowed by the professional game, but that is one of my challenges to raise the profile of university football. Oh, and I do not get to be a student anymore!

What qualifications and experience did you have to help you get into the role?

A degree in Sport Development helped me along the way but I also recommend building a network of people around you who you can trust and act as mentors and friends. Get involved in Football Futures at your local County FA, too. And go to university!