We love working in sport, and you will too

‘We love working in sport, and you will too!’

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We would definitely recommend working in sport, whatever your interest, but don’t take our word for it…

“I’ve interviewed Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Luis Suárez, played at Anfield, the Emirates and Upton Park and get to talk about football all. And I’m paid to do it. Enough said.”

Andy Murray, staff writer, FourFourTwo

“Coaching boys and girls is all about football in its purest form. Seeing how much children really love the game and their enthusiasm, passion and desire to learn more is so satisfying and takes me back to a more innocent time. Being able to have a positive impact on their lives fills me with so much pride.”

Jamie Bradbury, JBFC head coach

“It is a rare privilege to interact with a world that most fans and lovers of the game only to get to glimpse from the stands or on television. The opportunity of working in sport and to meet, interview and, in some cases, get to know some of the best cricketers on the planet is thrilling and inspiring.”

John Stern, Editor of official match programmes for the ECB

“It’s great to see the product of your work on TV when each race comes around, and knowing that millions of people will be watching. It’s also a good atmosphere when the team is successful. I get to travel too. This year alone I’ve been to California, Bahrain and Spain. A lot of fun!”

David Harvey, sports scientist, McLaren Applied Technologies

“I like the fact that I am having an impact on young people’s lives. Through education, we are giving all young people the platform to be positive role models in society!”

Alan Inns, PE teacher

“I always knew I wanted to be working in sport and fitness industry, but not on the ground delivering sessions. My job allows me to consider the strategic side of fitness; what influences brand choices, what products and services will be successful and why. Keeping my eye on current and emerging trends means I’m never short of a conversation piece! Everything we do at Action requires boundless creativity and energy but every day is totally different, which means you never get bored. Best of all, I get to wear active wear to work!”

Cheryl Hersey, Director, Action PR

“I love seeing people develop and be proud of their achievements. I really enjoy engaging with young people and helping them use sport as a tool for social development.”

Jamie Shepherd, sports coach

“It’s always the idea of going to games and being paid that seems the most exciting element of football journalism, but often it’s not quite as glamorous as it can sound: freezing temperatures, pouring rain, a blank page, deadline looming and a soulless, goalless draw being ground out in front of your eyes. The fun bits are away from all that: meeting interesting people who do interesting things, telling fascinating stories, not just recording snippets of little histories in isolation but weaving them into a broader, grander story that stretches back years and lurches on forever. Writing about football can be whatever you want it to be: a way to talk about all sorts of subjects, from the historical to the cultural, around something that people love.”

Rory Smith, Chief Soccer Correspondent, New York Times 

“Every client is different and has different goals, and I really enjoy working with them all. From new mums looking to get back in shape and feel themselves again, to office workers wanting to switch off and take a break from the corporate rat race, I love being able to help others and this job goes far deeper than people losing weight.”

Vicki Judd, personal trainer and fitness instructor

“The nature of working in sport is so unpredictable that no two days at work are ever the same, and quite often, what you achieve on any given day isn’t necessarily what you set out to at the start of the day. I’m very fortunate that sport has taken me to places around the world, I couldn’t ever imagine being lucky enough to visit during the course of a role in another industry.”

Chris Rivett, Managing Director, Final Third Sports Media Limited

“The best thing about working in sport, if you’re a sports enthusiast, is that you get to work in an area you are interested in and enjoy. That is absolute gold dust – it makes a huge difference to your working life. Your interest, your motivation and your basic knowledge and understanding are built in from the start, which is a major positive factor.”

Ben Ashby, Editor, Inside United magazine


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