Tim Hudspith

Job title Director of golf, Shirley Hall Golf Club

Employer Shirley Hall Golf Club

Land your dream job in sport

Tim Hudspith was an avid amateur golf player who, after completing a degree in leisure management and gaining a wealth of experience, has become Director of Golf at Shrigley Hall Hotel. Below, he gives his advice on how to turn your hobby into your dream job…


Within the sporting industry it is extremely important that whichever area you are looking to work in, it is something that you are passionate about. Long hours are part and parcel of the job, something you will come to hate if your heart isn’t fully in it. Of course if you are passionate about the sport, then these long hours will all be worth it.

“Degree choice”

Anyone wanting to become a professional golfer normally goes down the PGA Scheme route however, this qualification isn’t necessary to get into the side business of golf. Ideally to get into a corporate role looking after tournaments and leisure you would have a degree in management or leisure. However, don’t worry if this isn’t the path you have taken, having any degree will indicate to employees that you have the ability to apply yourself. When applying for a role, make sure that you highlight any transferable skills you may have from your degree, as well as any work experience.


Experience is crucial. For those without a relevant degree, this will highlight to employers that you are serious about getting into the industry and will equip you with the skill set that they are searching for. Even with a management or leisure degree you should aim to take on as much experience as possible within organisations such as The Professional Golfers Association or at golf courses across the country. Being willing to put in this hard work will not only make you stand out from other applicants, it will give you the opportunity to understand the different roles available to you, allowing you to only apply for the jobs that will best suit you.


Whilst attending industry events or undertaking work experience, you will come into contact with many figures already influential within the golfing world, so make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to ask them how they got into their job and what their advice would be. Getting your name known for the right reasons could lead to further work experience or even job opportunities, so don’t just fade into the background.