The MSc Sport Management has been developed for those with aspirations towards senior or line management positions within the core functional departments of the sports management industry.

Parallel to the academic curriculum runs the Complementary CurriculumTM; a journey of professional and personal development. This allows access to industry leading guest speakers and additional certificates such as the Prozone Performance Analysis, Green4Solutions CRM and The FA Level 1 and 2 Coaching award.

UCFB has a wide portfolio of industry contacts who provide opportunities for short term placements and projects including Wembley Stadium, The US Tennis Association and The Football Association.

Student Case Study – Pedro Bernardini

Why did you choose this degree course?

To gain industry specific knowledge and to prepare me to work in the fast paced football world. In this market there is a significant shortage of sports industry specific courses worldwide, while at the same time it is a field which has been growing immensely in the past decade. This leaves a gap in the market meaning that there needs to be more professionals who are readily prepared and available to work in this environment. This is particularly appealing to me because I have always loved football and am highly motivated to prepare to be immersed as a professional in this field one day.

Why did you choose this university?

Being afforded the possibility to learn under the guidance of lecturers like Dr Oliver Lenz and listening to guest speakers who are influential leaders in their field. After some research I found there would be trips to Madrid to visit the Real Madrid Graduate School and to see how stadium operations are run at Real, and also a chance to visit the UEFA headquarters in Switzerland. This alongside being part of the first MSc group and exposed to top guest speakers meant that I could connect to some influential people – so networking played a massive part.

3 things you love about the degree course

  1. The lecturers
  2. The inclusive tickets to ATP, England matches, visits to Spain and Switzerland
  3. The endless networking opportunities

3 things you love about university life

  1. The campus – it is Wembley Stadium and we oversee the pitch in lectures.
  2. The lecturers are easily accessible, very knowledgeable and generally friendly.
  3. My course mates – very nice and good group of people.

What career are you looking to move into once you graduate and why?

  • I want to help coordinate and promote the sport of Futsal and small sided games in the UK or across the world. The reason is because I love the sport and I strongly believe it can be used as a development tool for football. I also believe that I can prove this and get all 5-a-side players to switch to Futsal, hence potentially increasing the participation numbers. Also, I believe that small sided football games are poorly managed/administrated in the UK and I have fresh ideas to give it a spark.
  • I also want to set up my own business with Futsal & Education in partnership with colleges and universities because I consider myself to be quite entrepreneurial and would like to expose Futsal to the age bracket of 16 – 19 y/o who typically drop out of sport while affording them the opportunity to continue in education. This age group is of particular interest to me as I followed this pathway of football and education when I was 17. However, since being introduced to Futsal – I believe this can be a platform for progression as I love it and know many others who do too.
  • Failure to progress immediately to the above in the UK, then I would like to work in Brazil with Futsal on the administrative side of things. Sports Marketing in Football Clubs could also interest me.