Student Case Study – Zeye Ngala

From a young age I knew I wanted to be part of football. Growing up I aspired to be a professional footballer, but unfortunately never fulfilled that dream. I started coaching for my dad’s teams which re-ignited my love for football and gave me a taste of coaching.

Almost by chance I came across the UCFB advert on television during the Christmas of 2014 and I started looking at the different courses they had on offer. The BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching course was the only course I wanted to do, mixing my passion of football and my theoretical and practical knowledge of business.

Why did you choose UCFB?

UCFB ticked all the boxes for what I wanted from a higher education institution, it was dedicated to sport and I knew I would be meeting and interacting with like-minded people. After coming to the Open Day and hearing current students and staff talk about UCFB it blew my mind.

It was student focused, the Complementary Curriculum and guest speakers sounded fantastic and the ability to network, meet, greet and rub shoulders with industry professionals was a very unique opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. In addition, studying at the iconic Wembley Stadium really was the icing on the cake. As I have said many times, if I was to open my dream institution, UCFB would’ve been it.

Three things you love about the degree course

  1. The quality of the lecturers.
  2. The amount of opportunities we have received in terms of coaching, from coaching camps to Hendon FC and the opportunity to go to St. George’s Park.
  3. The classroom environment. As this course is very specific everyone has a passion for sport, which has made bonding as a class easy.

Three things you love about university life

  1. Meeting so many different people from all walks of life, you learn so much so quickly about a vast array of subjects.
  2. I love the fact that students have a massive say on the direction UCFB goes. It gives you great opportunities to have a say, open new societies and associations, and staff are always on hand to help.
  3. The opportunities students get to gain practical experience at all levels of sport, from community schemes to the top of the professional game.

What career are you looking to move into once you graduate and why?

Coming to UCFB initially I wanted to be a coach, but during my time at UCFB I have become a lot more open minded due to the different opportunities they have given me. I have tried new things such as public speaking, data analysis, and I now want to learn a new language to grow my portfolio.