georgina gipson

Georgina Gipson is from Upminster and Essex and is studying Sport, Heath and Exercise Science.

Why Bangor University and Sport Health and Exercise Science?

I chose to study here because the university is in a beautiful location and I when I visited the university on the open day, everyone was really friendly and welcoming. Also, I felt that the course here was the best course that I had looked at.

The Sport Health and Exercise Science course?

The course is very interesting and the lectures are really informative and enjoyable. Also the size of the lectures is really nice as they are fairly small.

Life at Bangor University

Everyone here is really friendly and I have made such good friends both on my course and also with my flatmates.

The opportunities here are amazing for example all of the outdoor sports you can try but also the international experience programmes that are offered.

The future after Bangor University?

I hope in the future to have a career in the health industry for example working as a physiotherapist.

bangor university

School of Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences

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