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Kick-Starting a Career in Sport: Connor Ward’s Journey

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This week we spoke to Connor Ward, a former SCL education tutor who is now studying at the University of Reading, working towards completing a PGCE PE course.

Connor worked as a primary education tutor from July 2017 until the end of August 2018, leaving to start his new chapter at the University of Reading where he aims to pursue a career in sport as a PE teacher.

Working amongst like-minded passionate team members is something Connor loved as a primary education tutor at SCL. The full-time nature of the role was what Connor enjoyed the most, where he could be fully immersed in sport every day and see students slowly improve and grow with their social and sporting skills.

“My favourite things about the job was having a full time job working in sport and the satisfaction you got from seeing a student improve on their sporting ability as a result of your teaching.”

Connor’s love for being a primary education tutor went further than just term times as he also worked at SCL’s Velmead holiday camp during the summer. Moreover Connor was allowed to focus on the football element of the holiday programme, which is a sport Connor is passionate about. This excitement was transferred to the children where he enjoyed seeing their progress throughout the summer.

“The stand out moments usually related to one of the children on the course producing an amazing piece of skill, goal or save.”

Since embarking on his PE course at the University of Reading, Connor is finding the switch from being a full time tutor to a student again tough, especially the financial challenges that the change brings. However Connor is enjoying the course and prefers the days where he studies at a placement school as this is where he can shine, utilising his past teaching experience.

Growing up, Connor had always aimed to go to university in order to fulfil a future in football, either in coaching or analysis. However since leaving SCL, Connor now realises that his passion lies in coaching and inspiring children, leading him to a career in PE teaching.

“Once working as a Primary Education Tutor, I realised I really enjoyed teaching which lead me to researching and pursuing a career in PE Teaching.”

For anyone who is interested in a career in sport, Connor would encourage you to build as many contacts and networks of people involved with sport as possible.

A lot of opportunities in sport come from who you know.”

We wish Connor the best with his PGCE PE Course and know he will excel at PE teaching in the future.

By Emma Abrahamian


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