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5 reasons why camp is the best digital detox

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We live in a world where you feel naked if you leave the house without your phone. Your life is on your phone – your friends, your photos, your favourite TV show and memes – all the memes.Whilst there’s a million and one things a phone is good for, we all know it’s refreshing to put the phone down sometimes and live in the moment. Camp is the PERFECT place for you to do just that and have the best digital detox. Here’s a few reasons why…

1. You’ll be having too much fun

We’d be lying if we said camp wasn’t the most fun you’ll have in your life. The day begins with music blaring and games played in the dining hall, full of a morning of activities such as Water-Skiing, High Ropes and any sport you can imagine! At camp you’ll go a day not even thinking about how many Snapchats you’ve been sent because you’ll be too busy winning Capture the Flag or Colour Wars.

2. You are always surrounded by people

In the real world, we wake up and check our Instagram feeds for half an hour and then repeat that before we go to bed. At camp, you are constantly around people and always live in the present. Your kids will keep you busy in the best way possible, and on your off time you’ll want to catch up with your new best mates on the latest camp gossip. Don’t worry – you will be allowed your phones in your time off, but you may find that because time at camp is limited you don’t want to miss a single moment of camp fun.

3. You have no idea what’s going on in the outside world

And you’re completely fine with it. When you first get to camp, the thought of not being able to have your phone all day long may seem daunting but the digital detox will soon begin. But, we promise after a couple of weeks it’ll be the best detox possible. Camp teaches you to realise what’s important. Making a kid laugh, winning the race on the go-karts and spending your afternoon on an inflatable obstacle course on the lake will be what you remember forever, not what you browsed on Facebook that morning. Getting away from the outside world and spending a summer in an amazing setting is just what the doctor ordered.

4. You are living your BEST LIFE!

Over the summer, you’ll be creating memories that’ll last a lifetime. Camp teaches you to appreciate every single moment. When else will you spend your summer with people from 10 different countries, make an impact in other people’s lives AND get to explore another country? Camp America is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will let you create the best kind of memories you won’t find online.

5. You appreciate the small things in life

When you go through your day to day life at home, you tend to forget the small things. When you’re in the USA, this is what camp is made of. Trying American Football for the first time, a camper telling you they want you to be their counsellor next year, eating your first Philly Cheese Steak or maybe visiting an awesome new city! Camp is full of firsts, and will give you an experience you can’t find anywhere else.. and definitely not in your phone screen.

Camp teaches you to get off the grid and we PROMISE you’ll be glad you did! Come and have a digital detox with us!

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