Logistics Coordinator UK and Ireland

  • Employer IRONMAN UK & Ireland
  • Town / City Oxfordshire
  • Job Type Full-time
  • Salary £28000 - £30000 per annum
  • Closing Date 31/03/2022
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The Logistics Coordinator is primarily responsible for the planning and execution of logistics at given events.

They work closely with the Race Director, the operations team, and various internal and external stakeholders to ensure the proper delivery of equipment and supply onsite.

The Logistics Coordinator reports to the Director of Logistics EMEA.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with an event’s Race Director, operations team, and other relevant departments to plan all the event’s logistics needs and the distribution of equipment and supplies
  • Coordinate arrival and receive bulk truck and other internal deliveries prior to event
  • Coordinate arrival and receive deliveries from providers and partners
  • Plan, prepare, load, and distribute aid stations to the courses
  • Plan needs and distribute equipment and supplies to the different event venues
  • Manage a fleet of rental vehicles for the event; plan needs, negotiate rental agreement, manage vehicle distribution, manage gas, and vehicle return
  • Plan, recruit, train and manage helpers to support the execution of logistics onsite
  • Operate the UK and Ireland warehouse: take deliveries, manage inventory, carry out minor equipment repairs, prepare, and load shipments
  • Support the Field Logistics team at selected events in the region


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