Community Sports Coach

  • Employer Magpies in the Community
  • Town / City Maidenhead
  • Job Type Full-time
  • Salary £16000 - £18000 per annum
  • Closing Date 11/04/2021
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Job Description

Magpies in the Community are searching for a new team member to help deliver coaching to local children. The right candidate must be able to plan and deliver a variety of sports and activities in school – lunchtime clubs, PE Lessons and after school clubs as well as support our various community programmes such as our junior football sessions.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of the post are:

  • To prepare and deliver appropriate coaching sessions in accordance with Bucks Sport Academy for the 5-12 age group.
  • To deliver sessions that have variety.
  • To liaise professionally with parents and significant others where necessary.
  • To have an awareness of the key disciplines for children’s development in the 5-12 age groups and use an interdisciplinary approach.
  • To complete all administration required and to the appropriate standard.
  • To demonstrate and promote high standards of personal and professional standards at all times
  • To continue with CPD and maintain/develop relevant qualifications.


  • Child protection / Safeguarding Award
  • Current First Aid qualification.
  • Experience of working with children in the5-12years and communicating with parents or guardians.
  • A minimum level 2 qualification in one or more sports
  • Able to organise and prepare in advance of delivering sessions.
  • Ability to work on own initiative, unsupervised and as an effective team member.
  • The ability to make sound decisions in a timely manner and practical approach to problem solving.
  • Be prepared to work as a team member, always in a polite, responsible manner
  • A willingness to work flexible hours in accordance with the demands of the role.
  • Full driving license.


Ensure compliance with the company’s safeguarding policy by completing the DBS process for work in a regulatory activity or at a regulatory environment.

Team Work

Ensure effective communication within your work team and actively offer support and guidance as necessary.

Equal Opportunities and Harassment

Ensure understanding, awareness and compliance with the Company’s Equal Opportunities and Harassment Policies.

Hours of Work

The contract will be a 40 hour contract, with the salary dependant on experience.


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