Camp America Water Sports instructor

  • Employer Camp America
  • Town / City USA
  • Job Type Full-time
  • Salary Competitive
  • Position Type 9 Week(s) Contract
  • Closing Date 31/05/2020
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Camp America Water Sports Instructor

Love spending time in or around the water? Have experience in a water sport activity? Look no further….

As waterfront staff, you could be involved in a variety of different roles (dependent on your skills and experience). Water sports can include; Sailing, Water-skiing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Paddle boarding and much more. So, it’ll be your job to ensure campers feel comfortable in the water, are safe and are having a splashing time! Camps take people with all kinds of experience, so if you’re up for the challenge then we highly recommend you apply!

As a Camp America water sports instructor it’ll be your role to set-up and instruct these activities at camp. You could be specialising in one particular area, like water-skiing, or getting involved in multiple water sport activities. Different groups of kids will come to you for a period at a time throughout the day to try out whatever activities are on offer. You’ll be expected to encourage the kids to get involved and spur them on, whilst ensuring of their safety at all times!

Motorboat driving, Canoeing, Sailing, Kayaking and Water-skiing are classed as ‘Advanced Skills’ as they’re in high demand at the camps we work with. So, if you’re well qualified or trained in any of these areas, you’ll be classed as an Advanced Skills Counsellor. This will make you eligible to receive a higher pocket money rate and give you a better chance of getting placed!

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