Camp America Gymnastic Coach

  • Employer Camp America
  • Town / City USA
  • Job Type Full-time
  • Salary Competitive
  • Position Type 9 Week(s) Contract
  • Closing Date 31/05/2020
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Camp America Gymnastic Coach

Want to spend summer 2020 tumbling, jumping and cartwheeling your way through life? With Camp America, you can be a gymnast coach at one of our fantastic summer camps, demonstrating your skills and teaching campers the various techniques of gymnastics!

Life as a Camp America Gymnastic coach can be extremely varied from camp to camp; we have camps that provide fun lessons to children who have maybe never participated in Gymnastics before or are looking to develop their skills over the summer, but then we also work with camps who specialise in gymnastics and look to train children at top level.

The role of Camp America Gymnastic coach is an energetic role that allows you to get involved and coach in your specialised area whilst getting involved in all, from apparatus, floor, aerobic and trampolining. You will be required to develop the camper’s skills and techniques, whilst incorporating games and ensuring safety is followed.

It’s likely that you’ll also have a role as a ‘General Counsellor’ in which you’ll take care of a specific bunk of kids whenever you’re not coaching and get involved with everything else that camp has to offer!

Gymnastics is considered one of our ‘advanced skills’ which means anyone with experience and/or qualifications in this area are in HIGH DEMAND. As an advanced skills applicant, you could be eligible to earn extra pocket money at camp, and have a higher chance of getting placed sooner, so any experience you have in Gymnastics, be sure you put it on your application!

So, if you consider yourself to be someone with a talent and passion for gymnastics and want to go the extra mile in summer 2020, apply for the programme today!

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