get into sport

There really is no substitute to working in sport. Forget the 9 – 5, jobs in sport enable you to see and do things you simply won’t experience in other vocations.

And while we have all no doubt shared similar hopes and dreams of taking gold or scoring that last-minute winner, being a sports journalist, a PE teacher or sports scientist, for example, really is the next best thing.

As you’ll read in our Get into Sport magazine, there’s no better time to get involved in sport, though it remains a fiercely competitive world. Whatever your interest, whether it’s a job in media, teaching, coaching, health and fitness etc, there are an increasing number of opportunities. The trick is to stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully, by reading this magazine, you will find our tips and advice helpful. We’ve sought some of the best in their respective fields. From top broadcasters and journalists, to F1 sports scientists and more, these are people at the top of their game.

Take Gwyn Morris, the PE teacher who, along with his peers at Whitchurch High School, taught Gareth Bale and Sam Warburton – among others – in the same year. “Somebody has to be Wales captain, why can’t it be you?” he tells his students. Similar, someone has to coach them, provide their nutrition plans and help keep them fit. Again, it could be you…

ISSUE ONE get into sport magazine

  • Interview with Jonjoe Kenny and Bobby Adekanye
  • Interview with the F2 freestylers, Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, on their tricks of the trade
  • Conor McNamara, the BBC commentator, offers his top mic tips
  • Award-winning sports photographer shares his best work
  • Three female journalists reveal what it’s like working in the media
  • Sports scientist David Harvey on life in the F1 fast lane
  • Laura Crane, the surfer, presenter and influencer on trying to make a difference
  • Working with champions, leading physiologist Steve Ingham on training the stars
  • Learn on the job – spotlight on apprenticeships!
  • Top sports recruiter reveals how to create a killer CV