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...It is important to understand the qualifications, skills and experience required for your desired profession. Whatever your interest, whether it is a job in sports business, coaching, media, teaching, science, health and fitness, there are an increasing number of opportunities. The key is to stand out from the crowd. Review the job and training opportunities our business partners offer in our comprehensive directory. Having this knowledge and understanding can help you achieve your career goals. Review the job and training opportunities our Partners offer in our comprehensive directory. Having this knowledge and understanding can help you achieve your career goals.

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Sports Business

Have you ever thought about the people working behind the scenes at your favourite sports club? There are so many job roles that involve business too, positions like Analysts, Contracts Managers, Operations Managers and more. These courses will help you work towards a career within these types of roles.
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Sports Science

This is an academic subject, you need to have strong science-based knowledge to consider a role within this industry. Topics you may study as part of Sports Science could be Physiology, Psychology, Motor Control and Biomechanics.
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Sports Media

Media is a huge and growing industry that involves things like Social Media, Offline Marketing, Video Production and more. This is a great option for people who are creative as well as seeking a career in Sport. If this is an industry you're considering, doing a course will help you to open doors within this sector.
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Teaching & Coaching

Whether you're looking for roles in an education setting or coaching in a professional sports environment, a course within this sector will give you a great knowledge and skills base for any leadership role.
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Health & Fitness

So much more than just Personal Training, the Health & Fitness industry also includes important roles such as Physiotherapy, Psychologists, Massage Therapists and more. Within these roles, you have to be qualified so finding the right course for you is really important.
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University Courses

This section will show you all the university-level courses from our partners. They will cover a range of topics, industries and job roles. These are accessible to people who have studied at Level 3 (A Level, Btec or equivalent).
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