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Teaching and Coaching

Healthy Lifestyle Officer - Image

Chase Hill

Healthy Lifestyle Officer
Palace For Life Foundation
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Talent Development Coach - Image

Chris Turner

Talent Development Coach
Table Tennis England
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PE Teacher - Image

Tony Macfadyen

PE Teacher
The University of Reading
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Speed coach - Image

Courtney Fearon

Speed coach
Nike/BXR London
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Fitness instructor (and director) - Image

John Hendry

Fitness instructor (and director)
Parallel Lines
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Ski Instructor - Image

Amy Wardman

Ski Instructor
New Generation Ski School, Switzerland
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Community sports coach - Image

Rich Siveter

Community sports coach
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Children's sports coach - Image

Suzy Millard

Children's sports coach
Star Hotshots
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Lifeguard - Image

Jack Cohen

Brighton Swimming Centre
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Watersports Instructor - Image

Jo Buss

Watersports Instructor
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Personal Trainer - Image

Phill Wright

Personal Trainer
Primal Academy & Primal Gym
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PE Teacher - Image

Gwyn Morris

PE Teacher
Whitchurch High School
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