Julie Montagu

Job title Yoga teacher

Employer Self employed

"Yoga is booming... there are so many opportunities"

How and when did you get into yoga, and why? 
I started practicing yoga because I had such low self-esteem about myself! And when I would finish a yoga class, I felt sooooo much better about myself, so I just kept going to keep getting that feeling!

How did you go from experiencing or practising yoga, to extending that relationship with it and teaching yoga? 
I decided to become a teacher because yoga makes me feel good about myself, and the reason I teach yoga is to make sure that my students don’t feel as bad about themselves as I’ve felt about myself in the past.

Did you ever see yoga as part of your overall career? If not, when did that change? 
Once I started practicing yoga, I knew it had to be a part of my life forever. So, at first, it was just practicing yoga every single day and then I knew I wanted to make it more a part of my life by becoming a teacher once I saw the transformation that I had happened in life through yoga. And this transformation/change, I wanted to share with others who were looking for something too.

How did you manage to juggle life and other work with first becoming a yoga instructor, then an instructor able to teach other people to become instructors?
Growing up in America, you are told you can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to be if you just work hard. And this was instilled in me by both my mother and my father at a young age and it’s stayed with me ever since. I’ve always believed that life is one big opportunity – it’s up to you take it or leave it. And it’s that drive and motivation that was instilled in me at a young age that allows me to juggle it all! Yoga is my passion after all, so it makes it easy!

“You just have to be you. The second you try to mimic another teacher, it shows. Students love teachers that are real, relatable and authentic!”

What is involved in becoming a yoga instructor? 
The whole self. All of you. I believe that one must be totally committed to taking care of themselves when wanting to become a teacher. Once we take care of ourselves, we can take care of and teach others.

As well as the qualifications, what other key skills or qualities do you need? 
One word: authenticity. you just have to be you. The second you try to mimic another teacher, it shows. Students love teachers that are real, relatable and authentic!

Are there plenty of opportunities in yoga?
Yoga is booming! And I don’t see this boom stopping anytime – ever!  So, yes, there are so many opportunities in yoga. Whether you want to combine teaching with your current job or combine it with another wellness industry, like nutrition or meditation – the sky is the limit with what you can do with yoga.

Tell us about your yoga school and what it does…
It’s different than your traditional 200-hour teacher training programme in that it focuses on the whole self. So, yes you will learn my Vinyasa Flow sequence (a combination of dharma, rocket and mandala) and you will of course learn the traditional Eastern philosophy teachings, but I have my focussing on their self-care, such as: managing stress, eating well for your body type, facing your fears, alleviating anxiety, finding your authentic voice, believing and building in your passions and how to create more happiness in your life. That to me is whole slef yoga.