Boost your career prospects… and your community!

Boost your career prospects… and your community!

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FunMeFit reveal the importance of community work experience for a better career

Volunteering within the community is becoming increasingly important for young people wanting to get into a great career. Whatever you see yourself doing when you leave education or training, many employers will look at what work experience you’ve done. This doesn’t just include paid work you’ve done to earn extra money.

What does community work include?
Community work doesn’t just mean sweeping streets, working in charity shops or collecting money in a bucket. Many businesses, organisations and sports clubs are looking for help in a number of ways.

Some community work you may not have considered that can help boost your CV include:

  • Help with marketing, promotion and fundraising
  • Social Media Set-Up/Management
  • Working with children/supporting sports clubs
  • Setting up your own community blog/reporting on what sports organisations in your area are doing.
  • Volunteering at events/organising events
  • Setting up charitable projects i.e. a food collection box for the local food banks.

Not only does such work help develop your skills in that area but it will show future employers that you are motivated, creative and that you’re willing to use your initiative. Most importantly, it will help you meet new people, make connections and prove that you’re social.

Broaden your skills/knowledge – Setting you apart from the rest
Employers are looking for young people who can prove a range of knowledge and skills because many sift through hundreds of application forms a year. Only those that stand out will usually be successful i.e. with some community work showing that you’re interested in what is around you.

Making sure you have social skills and confidence
Also, when you arrive for interviews and you don’t have many social skills such as being able to tell people about yourself, being friendly and polite or having the confidence in yourself to show that you can do the job, on most occasions, you’ll get turned down.

So, doing some community work, even if it just involves talking to people more often, can really help boost you as a person and improve how you come across to others.

FunMeFit’s involvement in the community
Since 2012, FunMeFit as a community network has been leading with the idea of Community Journalism and reporting on what others in the community are doing. We are always looking for students who can help us provide a range of services. These include:

  • Filming/Editing our YouTube videos from community events/sports events.
  • Writing blogs, articles and handling social media promotion.
  • Helping us with our website and general admin tasks.

We are a business who thrives on helping others in our community such as sports clubs, sports organisations and local projects by promoting them for free via social media.

To find out more, please contact Kate or Andy at